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Ms. Audrey Elizabeth West, wife of Lieutenant Liam James West.

Don’t tell my inner feminist, but I really like the sound of that.

I’m also obsessed with the dark titanium band on Liam’s left hand, which promises he’s just as much mine as I’m his. Finally.

He proposed ten months ago, and honoring my wishes for a simple wedding when the time felt right, we kept it on our radar but occasionally talked about taking the plunge. That was, until Valentine’s Day. When I told him I didn’t want to wait any longer to take his last name.

Today—two months later—we sealed the deal. It was an intimate ceremony in front of a Charleston County judge with only Charlie, Ty, Aunt Miranda, and the Wests in attendance. And now, tonight, we’re surrounded by a handful of our friends and family in the Wests’ home for a quaint dinner party in lieu of a reception.

And it’s absolute perfection.

Soft music, delicious appetizers, warm laughter, and even that expensive champagne we’ve come to love.

“So you’re a married woman,” Amara says as she approaches and reaches out for my hands. “I must say that whoever did your hair today did a hell of a job.”

I set down my champagne flute and squeeze her hands. “Thank you, Mar. For the hair and the makeup. I felt like a princess walking into the courthouse.”

She scoffs. “Girl, you’re a fucking queen.”

Laughing, we fall into each other for a hug and inadvertently snag Liam’s attention. He glances over his shoulder from where he’s catching up with Ty, Jasper, Spencer, Linc, and his dad. When our eyes meet, a slow, lopsided grin spreads across his handsome face. With a quick comment to the group, he excuses himself and comes over.

He’s dressed in a pair of black slacks and a crisp white button-down with the sleeves rolled up to mid-forearm, and as usual, he’s to die for. All sexy, charming man on the outside with a devilish gleam in those sky-blue eyes.

“How are your feet doing, babe?” he asks as he leans in and kisses my temple.

“So far, so good.” I’ll regret the heels later, but unless I wanted my dress dragging on the ground, I had no choice in the shoes. Despite my insistence on a no-frills wedding, I got a wild hair up my butt a couple of weeks ago and decided I wanted a pretty white gown after all. The best part was I didn’t have to look very far. I found the perfect lace mermaid gown in the bridal boutique next to Amara’s salon in downtown Calloway. The only problem was, there was no time for alterations.

“I can help you pin up the back of the dress if you want,” Amara offers. “That way you can lose the shoes and relax.”

Ugh, that sounds heavenly, but… “I actually brought along another dress. I think I might change.”

Liam nods. “Go for it, babe. We’ve taken all the pictures already. Hell, I already lost my tie and shit, too.”

Thank god. “Okay. I’ll head upstairs, then. I won’t be long.” I stowed some things in his old bedroom earlier in the day.

His mom even suggested we spend the night. In case we had too much to drink. As if I’d spend my first night as a married woman in Liam’s childhood bed. Not because of the bed, but because of the things I intend to do to him when I get him alone.

That crooked grin reappears on his face as he sidles in close once again. “I left a gift for you with your things,” he husks, his breath warm against my ear. “Take a peek before you come back down.”

“A gift? You didn’t have to do that.” We wouldn’t even let the guests bring us gifts, and so far, the only ones who argued about that were Mark and Monica, who insisted they pay for this little gathering.

“Oh, but I did.” He presses his lips to my forehead and gives my ass a playful slap. “Now get moving. I’ll keep our guests company while you’re gone.”

Breaking out the bossiness already? Dang.

After struggling a bit with the zipper of my formal gown, I finally shrug it off and swap it out for a much simpler white dress that not only allows me to breathe more easily but also looks better with flat sandals than heels.

I’m in front of the mirror, fussing with a couple of loose strands of hair that have fallen from my updo, when I spot the white box tied up with a pretty pink bow on the nightstand behind me.

Aww. He really did leave me something. Sweet to the core, this man of mine.

I practically skip to the gift, and with a quick tug, I untie the bow, then lift the top of the box and… Oh, god. He didn’t.

Nestled on a bed of tissue paper is a pair of white lacy panties… and a small bullet vibrator.

The only thing missing is the remote.

“Liam, Liam, Liam. What am I going to do with you?” I giggle to myself as I kick off my sandals and shimmy out of my current panties.

He wants to play? Okay. But little does he know he isn’t the only one playing tonight. He’ll just have to wait until later for his gift.

By the time I return to the party, Liam and the guys have moved to the back deck to chat while Mark and Linc grill steaks and chicken breasts. It’s just warm enough to sit around the Wests’ outdoor fireplace and enjoy good food and good company.

“Do you think this is enough dressing?” Charlie is asking when I join the other ladies in the kitchen. She and Monica planned out the dinner selections, including the pasta salad she’s mixing.

I pluck a piece of pepperoni from the top. “Looks good to me. And tastes good, too.”

She rolls her eyes and pulls the bowl away when I try to sneak an olive. “You may be the bride, but you can wait like the rest of us.”

Lorelei snort-laughs. “Come over here and share the last of these sausage bites with me.”

“Oh, I forgot about th—” I stop short and suck in a breath. Because the toy in my panties suddenly buzzes. Just a quick pulse, but it was enough to make its point.

Over my shoulder, I spot Liam. He’s watching me from the other side of the French doors that lead to the deck. When our eyes meet, he grins, and I nearly melt into a puddle.

One tiny tickle, and I’m already losing the game.

“You okay?” Lorelei asks, pulling me back to the moment.

“Yes.” My light laugh turns into a sigh. “I just remembered something I need to tell Liam later.”

“Girl, be real. With the way you two keep looking at each other, there won’t be any conversing later.” Adeline lifts a brow. “Just lots and lots of sex.”

“Hello!” Monica throws her hands in the air in front of the stove, where she’s making some kind of rice dish. “His mother is still in the room!”

Laughter makes its way around the kitchen. Thank god she’s clueless to the secret I have in my panties. The secret that’s humming lightly against my clit.

Somehow, I make it through dinner without giving myself away. Or tugging Liam into the nearest private room so he can stop tormenting me with his toy and give us what we both want.

But I’m patient. Mostly. And I smile through the casual conversation with our family and friends as if he hasn’t been slowly working me into a frenzy. Light pulses and then bouts of nothing. Then more intentional buzzing that has every nerve in my body on fire, ready to explode. Then back to nothing.

I keep shooting him looks—some scathing and some of the begging variety—and each time, he simply smiles. Occasionally, he leans in and gives me a peck on the lips. Or in this case, he angles in toward my ear.

“You look frustrated, wife.”

Just the warmth of his breath on my skin kicks things up another notch, making my nipples pebble.

“You could say that,” I whisper back. Thankfully, our guests are too wrapped up in conversation to pay any attention to us. “I think I’ll go inside and use the bathroom.”

He cocks a brow. “The bathroom, huh?”

“Yes.” No need to say more.

“All right.” He sits back, and that sexy lopsided grin of his makes my knees even shakier when I stand.

“If you’ll excuse me for a moment,” I say, tipping my head toward the house.

Our guests merely smile before they continue their chitchat.

Liam only waits long enough for me to step inside the house before the toy in my panties starts up again with those slow, drawn-out pulses that may very well be my undoing. In fact, by the time I reach the bathroom off Liam’s childhood bedroom, I can’t resist slipping a hand into my panties to help out.

“What are you doing?” a low, gruff voice sounds behind me.

I glance up, heart already racing, and in the reflection of the mirror, find Liam filling the doorway just inches away. Flames of desire darken his light eyes, and the tense set of his jaw has goose bumps washing over my skin.

“I-I didn’t hear you come in,” I rasp. And yet I don’t stop touching myself.

“You trying to get yourself off, Ace?”

I don’t answer. Instead, I keep my gaze locked on his in the mirror and continue to play.

“Stop.” The single word snaps through the small room and sends shivers down my spine.

“Make me.”

The sassy comeback is barely out of my mouth before he snags my arm, spins me around, and presses me against the counter with his body.

“Only I get to do that,” he growls. Then he brings my damp fingertips to his mouth and sucks them clean. My pussy pulses with anticipation.

“Then maybe you should.” Soon.

A deep, almost feral laugh rolls up from his chest. And then I’m being spun around once again. And with one hand on my hip, he grinds his thick erection into my ass.

“Mmm, I see this game has you worked up, too.”

“You have no fucking idea.” He sweeps the hair from my shoulder, exposing my neck so he can kiss, lick, and nip at my skin. “Every time I changed the setting on the vibrator, you blushed. Your lips would part, too, and I thought for sure you’d give us away.” He shoves his free hand into his pocket, and the buzzing between my legs intensifies.

“Liam.” I gasp his name and grip the edge of the counter before me. “That’s so good.”

“Better than my fingers?” He scrapes his teeth along the shell of my ear, and that, paired with his words, makes my entire body tremble.

“Never,” I rasp through choppy breaths. “Nothing ever feels as good as you.”

He smiles wickedly against my skin, then takes another gentle bite. “Damn right, it doesn’t.”

And, thankfully, he doesn’t make me wait any longer.

With a couple of quick tugs, my panties drop to my ankles, and he replaces the vibrator with his fingers. His rough skin against my slippery clit is pure heaven, making my knees turn to mush beneath me.

“I got you,” he murmurs in my ear as he snakes an arm around my waist to keep me upright. “Now watch yourself in the mirror, baby. Watch how fucking sexy you are when I make you come.”

My head falls back against his shoulder as I give myself over to him. As he teases my pussy like only he can do, stroking just where I like it until my body tightens, my cheeks flush, and my gaze turns hazy with desire.

I’m so close. Just a few more strokes and—

He stops.

The cruel, infuriating, sexy-as-hell man stops.

“Liam,” I groan. “Please.”

“Always so fucking greedy, aren’t you?” Chuckling against my temple, he thrusts two fingers inside me, and I cry out, completely forgetting—and honestly not caring—that we aren’t in the privacy of our own home.

“I’m going to come. Oh god, Liam, I’m… fuck!” The orgasm shoots through me so hard that my vision fades and all I can feel are the waves of pleasure washing over me.

“Hands on the counter,” he demands before the contractions have ebbed.

I obey, and he quickly unzips his fly and grasps his cock.

“I’m gonna make you come again. So you don’t forget whose job this is.” He flips the hem of my dress, kicks my feet apart, and freezes.

Heat sears up the sides of my neck and into my cheeks, and all I can do is watch his face in the mirror as he notices the surprise I’ve kept secret for the last few hours.

With one hand on his dick and the other on my ass cheek, he spreads me just enough to get a good look. Then he laughs, so low and hungry that it’s almost animalistic.

“Well, well. What have we here?” With a thumb, he taps the crystal base of the toy I slipped in after the ceremony. “Looks like I wasn’t the only one with a surprise up my sleeve tonight.”

“You like it?”

“Do I like it…” He aligns the tip of his cock with my pussy and slams in hard, nearly lifting me off the floor. “Do I fucking like it?” he repeats, his fingers digging deep into my hips as he drives in even harder. Not once does he take his eyes off the plug in my ass. “I’ve wanted to fuck your ass since the night we met, baby. You’re about to make all my dreams come true.”

Oh god.

“There’s lube in my bag,” I pant, taking punishing thrust after punishing thrust. “Take what you want.” Make us both feel good.

Another wolfish laugh sounds in his chest as he anchors an arm around my waist, lifts me, and walks us into the bedroom. All without withdrawing from my body.

“Get it out,” he demands, setting me back on my feet next to my bag on his old bed. “Get it out while I fuck your pussy just a little more.”

God, his dirty mouth. I love it.

“So fucking pretty,” he murmurs, that thumb dancing around the base of the toy again. “Push it out.”

Wait, what?

“I… I don’t know if I can.” I was barely able to get it in, but with perseverance, the prospect of giving him something special tonight, and a crap ton of lube, I was finally successful.

“You got it in; you can push it out.” He snatches the bottle of lube from my hand and drizzles it between my cheeks to lubricate the toy before he twists it gently.

“Oh shit.” I reach back and claw at his hip. For what, I don’t know. Control maybe. Or more of that delicious sensation. Likely both.

“You like that?” He twists the plug again, spreading the lube. “Imagine how my dick will feel.” When he slaps my ass, I shudder. “Now be a good girl and push it out.”

To my surprise, I do. After two easy attempts, it falls to the floor between our feet, and he wastes no time pulling out of me to cover his cock with lube.

“You did a good job getting yourself ready, but this is still gonna hurt, baby. I’ll go slow.” His voice is gentler now. Just like his thumb over my ass before he slips it inside.

We both groan.

“So fucking tight for me,” he praises in my ear before he kisses my temple. “You ready?”

“Mm-hmm.” I close my eyes and let out a slow breath, doing my best to relax. We’ve done a lot of things in our year and a half together, and his fingers and mouth have explored every part of me. But I’ve never taken him like this before.

“I love you,” he murmurs in my ear as the tip of his cock presses gently at my opening.

“I love you, too.”

“Breathe for me, baby.”

“I’m breathing,” I whisper back and then gasp as he breaches me. “Oh god.” It stings a little, but it also feels… really freaking good.

“Fuck but that’s pretty.” His fingers dig into flesh again, and when I open my eyes and glance back, he’s watching with fascination as his dick slips ever so slowly inside. “You okay?”

I nod and rock back gently, trying to urge him deeper. “Why did we wait so long for this?”

His laugh is hoarse and a little tortured. “We might’ve opened a can of worms, babe.”

Oh, yes, we did, and I can’t wait to see what other cans we open together, too.

Even in the midst of one of the sexiest, most erotic moments of my life, silly, lovesick butterflies take flight in my stomach.

I love this man so much. He’s my best friend and my heart and my everything.

And now I get to call him my husband, too.

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do with you,” I tell him.

“You’d do more than let me fuck your ass in my parents’ house?”

I laugh, and he takes the moment of complete distraction to sink all the way inside. We groan simultaneously, and then it’s on.

He tips forward, covering me, pressing his face into the crook of my neck so he can whisper words of praise and pleasure as he fucks me.

“I love you.”


“Look how fucking good you take me.”

In no time, we’re panting and slick with sweat, our bodies like sparking live wires. And when he reaches around and flicks my clit, that’s all it takes to set me off.

I rear back against him and call out his name, and he follows after me with one single thrust.

We stand there, bodies pressed together, as we catch our breaths and come back down to earth. We take our time, relishing the connection. Our guests can wait. Because nothing matters more than being in this moment with him.

Slipping out of me, he hurries to the bathroom for toilet paper to clean up the mess. “You know, we’ve been gone for a while.” He chuckles on his way back. “They’re all gonna know we just fucked like rabbits.”

I smirk over my shoulder while he wipes me clean. “This is what newlyweds do, husband.”

He leans around and kisses me soundly on the lips. “Never gonna get tired of hearing you call me that.”

“Good, because I’m never gonna stop.”


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